Motion Discussion Forum #1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Sorry if I missed this-but how does this or will this fit in with the request from APTA recently for a faculty and student rep for their initiative related to diversity?
Paula Ludewig
I think we need transformational change on this issue and support the motion. I like the idea of a broader definition of diversity with a clearly prioritized initial focus on race and ethnicity.
Lisa Shoaf
Can you provide information on how you arrived at the anticipated cost for this Council and its activities that resulted in the proposed $500 dues increase?
Mark Reinking Regis University
I fully support this motion and I do have a question: What would be the interaction/relationship between the ACAPT DEI Consortium and NIDEC?
Jacki Brechter
Can you speak to why another council, that seems to mean a separate organization from ACAPT as opposed to a structure that is part of ACAPT?
Nancy Kirsch
Following up on Lisa’s question on the dues increase. Is the $500 intended to be an annual line item of +/- $121,000 dedicated to the council?
Barb Sanders
Dr. Reinking - good question. From the current board's perspective I think it would require a look at the overlap and perhaps incorporate the consortia into the NIDEC since two groups might dilute efforts and certainly not be best use of resources. My two cents as outgoing President. Thanks for asking Mr. Incoming President.
Carrie Hoppes
Will this be a one-time $500 cost, or recurring cost for programs? Thank you.
Dr. Cherie Peters-Brinkerhoff, University of St. Augustine
I'm in 100% support! Is there a vision of outreach? what are the actions being planned?
This is long overdue and very much needed. I fully support this motion; however, I would agree with my colleague that we need to narrow our focus. The APTA definition of "underrepresented populations" is too board for our purpose. Thank you. Dr. Charlene Portee
Irrgang, James J
Please do not take this as a negative comment or roadblock, but related to Dr. Ward's question, does the governance structure within ACAPT permit the creation of a Council within ACAPT such as being proposed.
Barb Sanders
Dr. Irrgang, this is a bylaw change for ACAPT....
Irrgang, James J
Thank you for the clarification. I am fully supportive of this motion.
senobia Crawford
Thank you for he comments. I appreciate greatly all comments and believe collectively we can bring forth real change. This motion is a beginning
Mark Reinking Regis University
Thank you for this clarification!
Nicole Christensen
I fully support this motion. I fully support the intentional focus on racial and ethnic dimensions of DEI . I believe we must take a stand by resourcing and consolidating our efforts. Now is the time. It is important to be explicit in saying that just because we would be choosing to call out racial and ethnic disparities first, it does not imply that concerns for other aspects of DEI are not also important. It is simply putting efforts toward this very important dimension now. It is the beginning and is an appropriate place to start what should and will be a necessary long term effort towards shifting an entrenched complex problem.
Gary Austin
Thank you Dr. Crawford - I appreciate your heart!!
Dr. Cherie Peters-Brinkerhoff, University of St. Augustine
Senobia-I agree-what is the charge of this new group?
Sue Klappa
Thank you, all!
Nicole Christensen
Thank you Didi, thank you Jim, I am grateful for your leadership in this. Thank you all.
Gary Austin
Praying with you Dr. Crawford!
Patricia Pohl
thank you!
Mark Reinking Regis University
Thank you, Dr. Matthews and Dr. Gordon.
senobia Crawford
I love this profession and I know we can do this and be a model for the world!